Outstanding Results for Upholstery Cleaning in Runnymede GU from Featherby & Moore

Your luxury furniture will add elegance to your living room and visitors to your home will appreciate that you clearly care about their comfort. To get the best from your investment, your select furniture deserves first-class care. Trust Featherby & Moore with the upholstery cleaning of your luxury Runnymede couch, sofa or suite. Keep your soft furniture looking its best and preserve its condition for many years to come.

You may have inherited a precious family heirloom, found a superb antique piece at auction, or invested in a select modern leather suite. Different fabrics require different sorts of cleaning. Choose a company in Runnymede that has the range of equipment and specialist cleaning agents necessary to choose the correct one for your needs.

Tailored Cleaning for Select Upholstery in Runnymede GU

Trust your furniture to insured, trained and qualified Featherby & Moore Runnymede upholstery cleaners. We’ll send a technician to your door, armed with state-of-the-art tools, specialised detergents, and the experience to select the most appropriate system of cleaning for any given piece. Your furniture will receive deep cleaning that will remove dirt without any damage to delicate fabrics.

Upholstery cleaning is only one of the services offered by Featherby & Moore in Runnymede. Check out our one off cleaning to refresh your whole house. Or, if you’re moving from rented accommodation you may also be interested in our end of tenancy cleaning service. All of our work is conducted to five-star standards. Below is a quick summery of the key advantages we offer:

  • Five-star customer care to match our superior workmanship. Read more about this in our customer reviews
  • A variety of cleaning techniques for all fabrics, including leather.
  • Professional quality detergents, you can’t find these in the shops. They’re eco friendly, non toxic and very effective

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Call us 24/7 on 02037466386. One of our client care employees will set up your free quote, or answer any questions you have about how we will refresh your Runnymede upholstery. Use this number to book a service also.

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